Blaser SR 850


Left Hand Blaser SR 850 in 7 mm Rem. Mag. and 8 x 68 S.

The famous Blaser SR 850 safety rifle, the safety will decock or manually cock the rifle. The 7 mm Rem.Mag. has a 23 1/2″ Magnaported barrel and a Zeiss Diavari-Z 2.5 – 10 x 52 Reticle 4 A Scope. The 8 x 68 S has also a Magnaported 23 1/2″ barrel with a Zeiss Diavari-Z 1.5 – 6 x 42 Reticle 4 A Scope. The rifle and bores are in mint condition, with no visible handling marks! A coin or screwdriver will take the fore end off and the supplied allen wrench will change the barrel with the bolt assembly. Exibition grade turkish wallnut stock with a LOP 15 1/4″. The deep relieve cut engraving is exceptional.