Heym 88B side lock 375 H&H + 30-06 NEW


Heym Model 88B Safari side lock, manufactured in 1988 with 2 sets of barrels

This rifle was only fired at the factory and never been used!


375 H&H factory regulated with Remington 270 grain bullets at 100 meters, 4 shot group, great accuracy

30-06 factory regulated with Federal premium 180 grain Nosler Partition and RWS, 180 grain Tug, at 100 meters great accuracy

Barrels are 25″ long, engraved with gold lines and extensive scroll on the barrel roots.

Express style sights with three leafs 50 m, 100 m, 150 m.

Exhibition grade Turkish walnut stock, LOP 14 1/2″,  the 375 H&H forend has a selector switch for the ejectors or extractors.

Double triggers, the front trigger can be cocked forward as a set trigger.

Exceptional scroll engraving with 100 % coverage.

Weight 8 1/2 lbs without scope and 9 1/4 lbs with scope.

Optics: both barrels have German claw mounts with their own Zeiss Diatal Z  4×32-T scopes with reticle 4A.

The rifle and bores are in excellent condition.


Comes with a custom oak and leather case with a canvas slip cover! All the original manual and factory targets are in the case.

Includes silver oil bottle, 2 sets snap caps, container and extra firing pins, two turn screws with Baffalo horn handles, chamber brush, T-tool, 2 piece brass cleaning rod and screw driver, brass , jags, brushes copper + nylon, wool mops.