Martin Hagn Shotgun 12Ga. 2 3/4″

$8,900.00 cad

Martin Hagn Shotgun 12Ga. 2 3/4″

The only shotgun Martin Hagn ever made.

This 12 gauge 2  3/4″ side by side shotgun was custom built to the highest standards by Martin Hagn for a friend.

It typifies the British inspired traditional game gun. The 28″ long barrels are choked in IC and  IM. Double triggers and Extractors. The action is one of the old sought after Sauer box locks made between the wars. It is color Casehardend and engraved by Heinz Funk. The well figured stock was built to Purdy templates with a 14 3/4″ LOP to the front trigger and a .6″ leather covered recoil pad, flawlessly 20 LPI Flat Top checkering,  traditional satin oil finish, weight is 6lbs and 6oz.

Overall near new condition with less than 300 rounds fired and has been stored by the original owner for the past  years.
Value of build in 2000 was 15,000 Can $
Now sale price for 8.900,- Can$