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Beautiful custom big game rifle , ready and waiting to go on a hunt !
Left handed 375 H&H , built on a GMA action,
24 “ Krieger barrel .
Double square bridges set up for Talley mounts, comes with S&B “Stratos “ 1.5 – 8 x 42 scope.
All metal rust blued . Engraved by Warren Smith .
Turkish walnut stock ,checkered 20 LPI, .800 Decelerator pad , Length of pull 14 “
Weighs 10 1/4 lbs .

Price 23,500 USD REDUCED $19,900 USD

Custom .416 Rigby rifle;
Built on a large” African magnum” GMA action , Caliber .416 Rigby which holds four down and one in the chamber . The receiver was set up for the Joe Smithson mounts with 1 set of 1" and 1 set of 30mm scope rings. The rifle also has a peep site . The customer requested something out of the ordinary ,so Ralf used a Krieger barrel blank to mill one of his ovate barrels with integral shallow rib, integral front sight ramp ,secondary recoil lug and sling swivel base. Barrel length 24 “ . This was the first time Ralf has used this barrel style on one of his custom bolt actions . In the past this style of barrel was used on Holland & Holland singleshot rifles . Barrel rib and gold inlay on barrel were engraved by Warren Smith. All the other extensive engraving has been done by Marty Rabeno . In order to enhance the engraving on the action Ralf decided the action should be case hardened and then Nitrided which has resulted in the "French Gray" type finish, only with better corrosion resistance than the actual French Gray , this being due to the Nitriding. Stocked with an exhibition grade Turkish walnut blank . Leather covered recoil pad .LOP 14 3/8” with a .800 leather covered recoil pad .Carrying a Leupold VX6 illuminated 2-12 x 42 mm scope .

Cost to build 30,000 USD Sell for 25,000 USD NOW 22,000 USD - SOLD

The Walker rifle , in 375 H&H is a classic , no nonsense open sight stalking rifle ,with the idea of , less is more !
No Ebony for end , no cheek piece , just classic lines executed to perfection .
Build on a Mauser 98 Model 1935 Oberndorf action in mint condition .
The 24" long Krieger half round/half octagon barrel is definitely an upgrade . The stock is build on a dense piece of Turkish Walnut , 14 1/2" LOP with a .8" Decelerator Pad , wrap around checkering 20 LPI . Weight of the rifle is 8 1/2 Lbs. Swift/Blackburn bottom metal with the Martini Gunmakers Logo engraved on the floor plate . All engraving by Warren Smith . The in House Rust blued gives the rifle the finishing touch .
Scope mounts could be installed , even if if it would be somewhat a shame, to cover the Mauser Banner on top of the rear bridge .

Price 18,900 Can Dollar

Stunning rifle ; built on a Small Hagn action, Caliber .270 Win, with our standard contour 25” half octagon /half round barrel. Talley mounts. Exceptional exhibition grade Turkish walnut stock . This light stalking rifle, weighs barely 6 ¾ lbs. L.O.P 14 ¼ “ with a .800 “decelerator pad. Flat top checkering, 18 LPI, Engraved by Warren Smith, colorcased by Doug Turnbull. This rifle is in like new condition ! This rifle is in the US so easily available for US buyer !

18,000 USD (to build today 22,500 USD) - SOLD

Singleshot, like NEW caliber 30-06 built around a small Hagn action
Weight 6 lbs .Krieger 25 “, Chrome Moly barrel, rust blued. Action engraved by Vancura and color cased by Oskar Kob. The wood used for this rifle is French Walnut and has an old fashioned oil finish. Length of pull 14 1/4” . Comes with Talley mounts.
Price 18,000 USD - Price Lowered to $16,500 USD - SOLD

Stunning Singleshot rifle , built by Martin Hagn ! Caliber .300 H&H , Nitrided action ,engraved with perfect scroll work and borders . This rifle has a 26 “ half round ,1/2 octagon barrel.
Stocked with best quality exhibition grade Turkish walnut . Length of pull 13 3/4 “, 18 LPI flat top checkering. This steller rifle has and classic Alexander Henry forend and a “widows peak” steel butt plate which is also engraved. The rifle carries a claw mounted Zeiss Diatel Z 6-42 T* scope . Scoped rifle weighs in at 7 lbs, 10 ounces .
This is an opportunity to get one of Martin Hagns “finest “ rifles well below replacement . Condition Excellent ,like new

17,000 USD

Duane Wiebe custom switch barrel takedown rifle built on a Brazilian 1908 Mauser action in the excellent calibres of 416 Taylor and 338 Winchester magnum. Blackburn style bottom metal, burnished bolt with checkered teardrop panels on bolt handle, bright raceways and follower, rust blued and metal at 98% overall. Has a metal trap door pistol grip and a toeline cartridge trap that holds three rounds. Has barrel band front swivels as well as three leaf rear express sights [one standing two folding] with hooded barrel band front sights. L.O.P. 13 5/8. Magazine holds 4 down and one in chamber. The rifle weights 8 1/2 pounds scoped. The barrels are 23” long with excellent bright bores. Screw heads and cross bolts are engraved. There are two VX11 Leopold 1.5x5 scopes with QD claw mounts, one for each calibre. The rifle has a three position Winchester Model 70 style safety. The stock is made from exhibition English walnut. It has a shadow line cheekpiece, an ebony frond tip and a Silvers recoil pad. The wood is in excellent condition with some very minor handling marks that are not noticeable without close inspection. The rifle has been used little if at all, and remains in "like new” condition. it comes with an oak and leather Huey case with a canvas outer sleeve. This rifle was built for an African safari, and is still waiting. The perfect combination rifle for a plains and dangerous game hunt. A masterfully constructed rifle.

$16,900 USD

Used Single shot in 300 Wby. build on a medium Hagn action , with a 26" long half round half octagon Krieger barrel. The action is silver/grey nitrite Hardened and engraved by Warren Smith. Sliding tang safty upgrade. Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut stock with a .8" Decelerator Pad and a 14 1/4" LOP with the 18 LPI flat Top checkering .
Comes with a Zeiss Conquest HD5 scope 2-10 X 42 Reticle RZ 600 .
Great shooter.
Redding Dies and lots of Brass available.

Price 15,000 USD

Beautiful ZG 47 rifle in 9.3x62 customized by renowned gunmaker Joseph Smithson. The original barrel and action have been completely over worked with exceptional results. The action is as smooth as silk and cycles effortlessly. The bolt, follower and ramps are polished to perfection. The bluing is like new. The extractor, bolt release spring and all bolt and screw heads are nitre blued. The safety is the original Brno ZG 47 style, as is the excellent trigger. The barrel is 23.5 inches long with an L.O.P. of 13 3/4 inches. The rifle has the original ZG 47 sights, with a ramp on the front sight. The magazine holds four down and one in the chamber. It is carrying a Schmidt and Bender 1.25x4x20 30mm scope with Burgess QD rings, bringing the overall weight of the rifle to 8 1/2 pounds. This is an excellent optic, and was made in West Germany before unification. It is remarkably clear and bright. The barrel has a 3/4 round barrel band front swivel. The rear swivel is the original ZG style. The rifle has a classic style walnut stock made by Smithson. The stock has a Silvers recoil pad with 24 LPI checkering and two cross bolts, and is in perfect condition. The rifle will group under an inch at 100 yards with 250 and 286 grain bullets if you do your part. It has seen little if any field use. The rifle is elegant and beautifully proportioned.

$8795 USD

Heym SR 21 Super Classic 8X68S , with the Martini style stock, with Turkish Walnut wood upgrade.
Rifle is slightly used 40 Rounds fired , very little handling marks , almost like new !
Barrel lenght 60cm , 23 5/8 inch. Length of pull 13 7/8 inch , weight empty 8 Lbs .
This rifle has the Classic lines , with the stock , barrel contour and express style open sights , also comes with Talley Bases for Quick Detachable scope rings .

$6400 CAN - SOLD

Custom 280 Remington built on a ZG 47 action. The rifle weighs 8 pounds scoped, wearing a Leopold VX111 2.5x8 with Talley mounts and rings. L.O.P. is 13 3/4 inches. Metalwork done by Ralf Martini. Has his style of barrel band front sight and barrel band front sling swivel installed. Beautifully inlaid ebony diamond where front sling swivel was on foreend. Metal grip cap and checkered metal buttplate with widow peaks. Exceptional walnut stock with ebony foreend tip. Three position Dakota style safety. This rifle groups very well and is a joy to shoot in this calibre.

$6000 CAD - SOLD

Winchester Pre 64 model 70 style, DOUBLE SQUARE BRIDGE Richardson and Roberts (MNR Custom Rifleshop) action. Machined out of solid 8620 billet, casehardened. Controlled round feed extractor,integral bolt stub,3 position safety. Fantastic dangerous game action. One piece bottom metal with straddle floor plate and Oberndorf style release .
Price 4600 CAD

Stalking rifle,Hammerless ,falling block with under lever Calibre 8.15 x 46 R . Barrelled by Hans Lechner ,who was known for building “Buchel Scheibenwaffen ,target arms “ . This lovely old rifle has a fine Octagon barrel. Built on a System Schlegelmilch action*(fully described in De Haas singleshot rifles, page 265) . We beleive this rifle originated out of the Kettner shop .
Length of barrel 28 “ . Stocked in Bavarian fashion with out going over the top . Action still retains color and finish is very good overall ,including original rust blue.
This is a rare beauty .

Price 3,400 NEW PRICE 2600

Hahnkipplaufbuechse, Singleshot breakopen rifle with outside hammer; Cal 8 x 57 JR. Comes out of the Triebel workshop from South West Germany. Circa 1888 to 1898.
Hammer stalking rifles were much preferred because they needed no extra safety. The overall lines of the rifle, use of the Lefaucheux looking system and a very unteutonic restraint in decorations hints at some French influence.
Condition of wood; well used with handling marks throughout and a shallow chip on the left side of the receiver. (5mm x 20mm). Finish still good, Checkering showing some wear. L.O.P 14 " to front trigger. Horn under lever.
Condition of metal, Color case and enamel worn on 80 % of metal. Barrel length 26 5/8" No pitting. Looks like barrel was reblued at an earlier date. Bore is good.

6,000 CAD - SPRING SALE NOW $2500

Heym SR 21 Allround, 300 Win.Mag. with 3 shot detachable Magazine , barrel length 23" , LOP 14,5" , weight 6 1/2 lbs.

Price $2,700 Can

Blaser , B95 Over and under 30-06 and 16 gauge combination rifle. Older manufacture date but in very good working condition . Very reliable and safe system with the Single lock action .When loaded and closed the mechanism is not cocked .When one slides the cocking lever forward it cocks the lock , sliding back uncocks . Rifle is uncocked after each shot .
Weighs 6 3/4 lbs , 23 3/4 inch barrel . Stock was cut for shorter length of pull but the original piece has been added back on by Ralf Martini . Length of pull 13 1/2 “ .
Trigger is very fine . Pivot mounts by Blaser ...

Price 2,200 - SOLD

“System Schlegelmilch “ Singleshot falling block stalking rifle . (Fully described in De Haas’ book Singleshot rifles pg 266/267 ). Caliber 8.15 x 46 R , 28 1/2 inch Octagonal barrel, double set triggers, original sights .Barrel has “K. Schreiber” , Wurzburg” engraved on it. Very fine ,old hairline crack in forend by action ,otherwise rifle in very nice condition ,retaining 80 % colorcase. An unusual action and interesting addition for any singleshot collector . LOP 13 1/2 “

Price 2,800 NEW PRICE 2100

1891 -1893 Circa , J.P Sauer , “Made in Prussia “ drilling . 16 x 16 x 11 mm variant .
All looks to be original and in good age related condition .
Price 1900 CAD

Beautiful German Krupp Steel Under-Lever Hammer Drilling. 16 gauge and 9.3 x 72R.
Made by Master Gunmaker K.Scherping ,Hannover in 1910 . Barrel reads ;K&L HOFBUCHSENMACHER, and K. Scherping,Hannover The barrels and action are well-proofed with various German markings including Imperial eagles, crown over "U", crown over "G", and nitro proofs.
Scroll engraved action with ample coverage ,Buffalo horn lower tang extension , engraved, 4 round trap door cartridge trap in underside of buttstock . Gold plated firing pins. . Fine checkering on round knob pistol grip and forend. This grand old drilling retains much of the original bluing and wood finish.Retains some silver coin finish on action .Light handling marks on buttstock . This drilling is noticeably light and weighs in at 6 lbs.

Price 2,400 CAD NEW PRICE 1900

Charles Dahly JP Sauer & Sohn ,Suhl drilling . Made in 1880s . Flip up tang sight .Double triggers, Side lever . .Dolls head lock up Looks to be all original finish Lock ups are tight on face .. 12 ga Fine Damascus barrels . Rifle barrel 10.3 x 60R fluid steel . Made for the North American market . 28 “ to front trigger . LOP 13 3/4 “ . Good condition .


READY TO GO FOR YOUR "IN HOUSE " CUSTOM BUILD !!! Custom Argentine Mauser actions with single square bridge , original bottom metal , custom bolt handle . Filed and polished out and waiting to be included in your project ! Sorry actions are not forsale as is but only as part of a complete rifle build . Only a limited supply !!


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