Ralf Martini

Ralf Martini was born and raised in West Germany where he completed his apprenticeship as a machinist.

Ralf's love of firearms and hunting started at an early age. As a youngster he spent many hours in the woods enjoying nature and worked on whatever firearm he could lay his hands on. He was drafted into the military, serving in an Alpine force where he honed his shooting skills in the sniping division. Whilst there he received a gold medal for marksmanship as a sniper.

Ralf moved to Manitoba, Canada in 1986, working in the guide and outfitting industry for a time. He then returned back to machining/ tool and die making. He worked in machine shops for twelve years. The last three of those years he was the shop foreman for a large firm in Fort St. John, British Columbia. In his off hours he did gunsmithing work In 1996 Ralf decided to go into business for himself as a full time gunsmith and custom gunmaker. His specialty being highly customized rifles for hunting North American and African big game.

In January 2000 he was accepted as a regular member of The American Custom Gunmakers Guild. In the same year he accepted an offer from Master Gunmaker Martin Hagn to work together to build the fine Hagn single shot falling block rifles and bolt actions; and relocated to Cranbrook, British Columbia were they worked as Martini & Hagn, Gunmakers LTD. During this time the combined efforts of these two men produced many extraordinary examples of singleshot rifles and bolt action rifles. Many of these can be viewed on the Martini Gunmakers website today.

In the early part of 2007 Ralf and Martin Hagn made an amicable decision to cease co-sharing a workshop and Martin Hagn moved into his own workshop. Both businesses agreed to continue producing the high quality Hagn singleshots and Best Quality bolt actions. Ralf was well underway making a name for himself as a highly competent gunmaker adopting the classic British look on his bolt action rifles and the Singleshots, additionally complimenting these with his own innovations in/wood metal design.

Ralf is a professional member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, under the category Metalsmith and Stockmaker. Ralf exhibits his work each year at the Dallas Safari Club show in Texas .
Ralf's' latest achievement came after he was approached in early 2009 by Heym GmbH, Germany to design the new prototype for the Heym Express bolt action rifle . The finished rifle can be viewed on this website under the Heym heading. Since 2011 Heym has produced this rifle which is sold under the name Heym Express by Martini .

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