Ralf’s Rifle .300 Wby.

Caliber 300 WBY MAG, Built in the usual fashion, with half round half octagon barrel. Wood upgrade. The action has been gas carbonized and will be nitrided at a later time. The lettering has been done with pure silver wire inlay to match the eventual grey color of the nitriding. Engraving by Warren Smith. Rifle has sliding tang safety and Monogram engraved on top of receiver. Barrel length 26″ . LOP 14 1/4″ with .008 Decelerator pad. Scoped with a Swarovski, AV 3 – 10 x 42. Total weight of rifle with mounts and scope 8 lbs. A pleasure to carry but recoil can be felt due to the WBY caliber. * Note * Ralf omitted the Ebony forend tip which is generally standard.