Tayyab; Hartmann & Weiss Takedown

.416 Rigby Magnum Mauser barreled action with Express style sights,upper and lower tang extension. Drop box magazine holds 4 rounds down. Double square bridges of receiver are set up for Recknagel Pivot mounts. Carrying a Swarovski Z6 1-6X24 ER. The rifle was sold in the white and was finished off by Ralf Martini; from scope mounting, feeding, polishing, timing of takedown lock up, sighting in and installation of Ed La Pour 3 position safety. Ralf refiled the stock and metal in some areas, finished and checkered the stock. Extensive engraving by Warren Smith. Rifle has been hot blued versus rust bluing to enhance the detail of the beautiful engraving. Rifle weighs just over 9lbs, barrel length 24 ½” Length of pull 14 ½” to the silvers pad.