Bolt Actions Rifles

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HARRIS; Set of three; Cal 400H&H built on a FZH Magnum Mauser action. The bases for the Pivot mounts are machined into the integral square bridges of the receiver. Recknagel Pivot mounts with Swarovski scope , Z6i 1.7 – 10 x 42 scope .The rifle will hold one in the chamber and four in the mag box. The half round /half octagon barrel is 24" .stock made from highly figured Turkish Walnut ,flat top checkering 18LPI. LOP 14 1/4" with a .800" Leather covered recoil pad .Rifle weighs without scope 8.5 lbs.Engraving by Warren Smith ,Color case by Oskar Kob .


HOOTEN FN98 , Caliber 370 SAKO ;This project started out with an unfinished FN action left over from the factory . Stewart Satterlee finished the action ,supplying his bottom metal and barrelled it with a Heym Octagon barrel . It has been chambered to 9.3 x 66 (370Sako) .He installed custom scope bases with the Talley mounts .Ralf installed the open sights ,sling swivel base ,detailed and polished the barrelled action then stocked the rifle with an Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut stock . Stock has 15 “LOP , barrel is 23 “ Weight 9 1/4 lbs. carrying a Swarovski z 6i scope 1.7-10x42 .

Clark rifle .338 Win.Mag.
Built on a Bruno ZG 47 action , all overworked and blue printed . Custom bolt handle , trigger , 3 position safety and Blackburn/Swift bottom metal. Half-round/half-octagon barrel . Classic stock with wood upgrade , 14"LOP with a .800" Pachmayer Pad . Flat top checkering with 18LPI .

Hill rifle : Built on a FN 98 , Caliber 375 H&H, Heym barrel 24 “ , Upgraded Turkish Walnut stock , 14 3/4 inch LOP . Checkering 24 LPI , Engraving by Warren Smith, Color Case by Oskar .

Sykes rifle,Caliber .300Win Mag built on a single square bridged 98 Mauser with custom bases for Talley mounts .Heym barrel 24 inch bbl, Exhibition grade Turkish walnut ,14 3/8 length of pull ,with a .800 leather covered recoil pad .Checkering 24 lines per inch . Carrys a Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10 x 42

Bruvold rifle , .338 Win Mag . Stocked with Bubinga wood!

Ferguson .416 Rigby rifle .

Built on a African Magnum Granite Mountain Arms action . Krieger barrel, 24 “ .Recknagel Pivot mounts with S&B scope . Magazine box holds four cartridges down plus one in the chamber. Stocked with a wood upgrade . 14 3/8 LOP with a .800 leather covered recoil pad. Engraving on barrel and receiver by Warren Smith . Bottom metal with floor plate engraved by Silke Ullrich .

Hooker Rifle ; 404 Jeffrey built as a nicely balanced stalking rifle with slimmer lines ! Built on a FZH action. 24 “ Krieger barrel, set up for Recknagel Pivot mounts .Exhibition grade Turkish walnut . 18 LPI flat top checkering , 14 1/4 “ LOP. .800 leather covered recoil pad . Engraved by Warren Smith ,color cased by Oskar Kob .

Onga rifle , Built on a FZH Magnum Mauser action , Krieger Half round half octagon barrel 24” long . Alaska Arms low profile scope mounts .Engraving by Warren Smith ,color case by Oskar Kob . Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut . 14” LOP . with a .600 leather covered recoil pad . Checkering 24 LPI .
High gloss finish toned with red alkanet root .

Bazos rifle , Built on a Satterlee barrelled action in .458 Lott , Douglas barrel with integral quarter rib by Stuart Satterlee . Ralf finished and stocked this rifle with exhibition grade Turkish Walnut , as an open sight rifle .
LOP 14 1/2 “ with Silvers No 3 pad . Checkering 20 LPI .Engraving by Warren Smith .

Anderson rifle , .300 H&H built on a M98 Argentine action .Heym barrel 24 “ . Talley mounts with Martini custom bases . Stocked with exhibition grade Turkish Walnut 14 1/4 LOP . .800 Leather covered recoil pad .Flat top checkering 18 LPI .
Family tree engraving Warren Smith , Colorcased Oskar Kob .

Harris 300 H&H. Built on a FZH action with integral pivot mount bases in receiver. 24 “, half round, half octagon barrel. 14” LOP, Sister pair of Turkish Walnut to the 375 H&H. Total weight of rifle 8 1/4 lbs. This is the final rifle in the Holland and Holland Trio for our customer.

HARRIS ; 375 H&H built on a FZH Magnum Mauser action, with the bases for the pivot mounts machined into the square bridges of the receiver . Recknagel Pivot mounts with a Swarovski Z6i 2.5 – 15 x 44 scope . The magazine box will hold 4 cartridges down . 24" half round/half octagon barrel. Turkish Walnut stock with a super wood upgrade. Flat top checkering 18 LPI . LOP 14 1/4 " with a .800 leather covered recoil pad . Rifle weighs ,with out scope 8 1/4 lbs. Engraving by Warren Smith, Color case by Oskar Kob .

Gorman rifle : Mauser rifle in 280 Remington ,Heym barrel , 23 Lg “ LOP 14 1/8 . Company monogram engraved on floor plate . Lettering in Silver inlay by Warren Smith . Color cased by Oskar Kob. Standard grade Turkish Walnut . Flat Top checkering 18 LPI .Talley mounts with our own custom bases.

Kens Rifle ; 9.3 x 62 built on a Argentine Mauser action ,Heym 24" barrel , 1/4 rib, open sights . Our new custom Talley bases for QD Talley rings . Leather covered recoil pad .LOP 14 " . Engraved by Warren Smith .

FRANK BROWNELL RIFLE, G33/40 .This action was barreled and completely customized by Ralf Martini with all the bells and whistles imaginable. Ralf was instructed to create one of the finest G33/40 custom rifles out there today. All metal work was done by Ralf and as this project is ongoing it is now in the very capable hands of the highly respected stock maker David Wesbrook who is also the Author of the book “Professional Stockmaking,through the eyes of a stockmaker” As one could expect David is stocking the rifle with the finest Exhibition grade walnut. Detailing and engraving on the barrel and Ralfs custom scope bases done by Warren Smith . Hopefully this rifle will be on display at the 2013 Dallas Safari Club international show, Jan 3-6 th 2013.

McClellan Rifle , Built on a large magnum GMA action , Caliber .416 Rigby . The receiver was set up for the Joe Smithson mounts with 1 set of 1" and 1 set of 30mm scope rings. The rifle also has a peep site . The customer requested something out of the ordinary ,so Ralf used one of his ovoid barrels with integral shallow rib, integral front sight ramp and sling . This was the first time Ralf has used this barrel style on one of his custom bolts . In the past this style of barrel was used on Holland & Holland singleshot rifles . Barrel rib and gold inlay on barrel were engraved by Warren Smith. All the other extensive engraving has been done by Marty Rabeno . In order to enhance the engraving on the action Ralf and Mr. McClellan decided the action should be case hardened and then Nitrided which has resulted in the "French Gray" type finish, only with better corrosion resistance than the actual French Gray , this being due to the Nitriding.

GANNAWAY Rifle ; 375 H&H built on a GMA standard magnum action , Krieger 24 “ barrel, fitted with our “in house “ open sights . Classic Turkish walnut stock showing perfect grain flow for this heavier recoiling caliber. Checkering is flat top , 18 LPI, Length of pull 14 3/8 “ to the end of the .008 leather covered recoil pad. The goal in building this rifle was to build a slick,lighter weight 375 using the GMA action . The rifle comes in at 9lbs with scope and mounts.

Engraving by Warren Smith, Colorcase hardened Oskar Kob .

The Goodwin Rifle ; 9.3 x 62 built on an Argentine Mauser with a Standard grade Turkish Walnut blank . 24 “ Heym barrel , Talley scope mounts with our custom bases .Stock LOP 14” with a .800 leather covered (Impala hide) recoil pad . Flat top checkering 18 LPI . Color case hardened by Tunrbull ,engraving by Warren Smith . This nicely balanced rifle is a good representative of our standard grade bolt action rifle !

Robertson rifle, Built on an Oberndorf Mauser action 98 . Caliber 280 rem . 23 " Heym barrel ,special contour . 14 1/8 LOP.with a leather covered recoil pad .Engraving and gold inlays by Warren Smith .This rifle features our new custom bases for Talley Rings . Rifle weighs 7 1/2 lbs .

BAZOS rifle, A .458 Lott built on a Vector Magnum Mauser action . This is an open sight rifle only ,so we removed the front square bridge for a slimmer and trimmer look . Rifle stocked in a nice blank of our Standard grade Turkish walnut . Lion head and scroll engraving done by Marty Rabeno .Barrel and receiver engraved by Warren Smith . Rust blued in the traditional manner for such a rifle.

Schauz Rifle ;6.5 x 55 rifle built on a G33/40 with a 23 " lg , half round , half octagon barrel . This rifle has been made slimmer and lighter . We utilized our newly made up Custom Talley bases for the scope mounts , 0.6" . Leather covered recoil pad L.O.P 14 1/4 "

Schauz Rifle (1) , Built on an overworked Steyr Mod 1912, 98 action . Caliber 300H&H , Krieger sporter barrel ,24 " . Featuring our "in house " front sight ramp , barrel band and quarter rib . Rifle is furnished with our new custom bases for Talley rings and our Oberndorf style bolt handle . Ed LaPour 3 Pos safety and Blackburn bottom metal . Select Turkish Walnut with perfect grain flow from wrist to forend . Length of pull 14 3/8 " with a .800 decelerator pad . Rifle has our standard engraving with our company logo on floor plate . All metal rust blued . Maker , caliber , F on safety, line on rear sight and bands on bbl root , all inlayed with silver .
Weight without scope just under 8 lbs .

Tayyab ; Hartmann & Weiss Takedown , .416 Rigby Magnum Mauser barreled action with Express style sights,upper and lower tang extension . Drop box magazine holds 4 rounds down .Double square bridges of receiver are set up for Recknagel Pivot mounts. Carrying a Swarovski Z6 1-6X24 ER . The rifle was sold in the white and was finished off by Ralf Martini ; from scope mounting, feeding ,polishing, timing of takedown lock up , sighting in and installation of Ed La Pour 3 position safety . Ralf refiled the stock and metal in some areas , finished and checkered the stock . Extensive engraving by Warren Smith . Rifle has been hot blued versus rust bluing to enhance the detail of the beautiful engraving. Rifle weighs just over 9lbs , barrel length 24 ½” Length of pull 14 ½” to the silvers pad .

GOOCH, 585 Nyati rifle, built on a GMA African Magnum action . This is a true cannon that delivers a 600 grain bullet @ 2,350 fps . Ralf filed and sighted the iron sights in without the muzzlebreak and received a decent thumping whilst doing so ! 24" Krieger barrel with integral fittings . The stock is highly reinforced and has two recoil reducers installed . LOP 14 1/4 " Ralf made a removable muzzle break for this sledgehammer . Weighs in at just under 13 lbs .

HANSLIT RIFLE . Built on a standard Magnum size GMA action ,Caliber 300 H&H , Barrel length 25 " LOP 15 " , Lower tang extension , Upgraded Turkish walnut (this particular blank was extra heavy and dense as selected by the customer from our stock ) Recknagel PIV mounts with , Swarovski Rail scope . The customer will use this rifle in every Canadian hunting scenario , from Stone sheep to Moose , from Grizzly and Black Bear to Mule deer . Last year this customer carried a double rifle all hunting season in Canada bagging ,Bears , Moose , Mule Deer and even a Cougar . Weight is not an issue to this fellow !!

Thompson Rifle ; 458 LOTT , built on a Left hand Granite Mountain Arms action with Pivot mounts carrying a Smidt & Bender scope . Open sights with 25 Yard standing ,50 & 100 Yard folding . Barrel 24 " , L.O.P 14 1/4" , bare rifle weighs 9 1/2 "

SHERMAN RIFLE, 404 Jeffery built on a Granite Mountain Arms, standard Magnum action with a standard magazine box (not drop box). The main idea when building this rifle was to build a light, well balanced and elegant stalking rifle for Africa. One that could be carried all day long pleasurably, whilst packing the power to get the job done.
Stock and metal work was executed with this in mind and in the end arrived at the goal. The stock dimensions on the grip and recoil pad are left heavier to suit the caliber although do not appear beefy.

The square bridges have been machined to accept the Talley rings with the wide dovetail for BRNO rifles. Another extremely accurate Martini Gunmakers rifle (see image below of target ). Krieger barrel with soldered on hardware. Engraving by Warren Smith.

SKAPPAK Rifle ; Built on an Argentine Mauser 98 Cal .375 H&H , 24 " Heym barrel with all soldered on fittings. Blackburn bottom metal , 4 Rounds in Mag box . Recknagel Pivot mounts with Swarovski Z6I scope . Wood upgrade . Color case hardened by Turnbull . Martini Gunmakers "Logo" on floor plate as with all our custom rifles . 14 1/4 " L.O.P

DR Dyke rifle ; Oberndorf Mauser in caliber 9.3 x 62. This rifle was built as per Dr Dykes specific instructions in every detail. It is an open sight rifle only. The stock lines in every way displays Ralfs ideals in looks , handling ,balance and over all flow. The bolt handle is of Ralfs own design as is the banded front sight ramp. The low profile quarter rib showing beautiful detail work. Checkering on this rifle is 24 LPI , leather covered recoil pad. Length of pull 14 ¼ “ Barrel length 24 “ .

Dr. H GROSS Mauser;  Best quality bolt rifle, cal .375 H&H. This African sporting rifle is built on an Oberndorf Mauser action. No great elaboration of details required here. Pictures tell it all! This is a typical representation of our classic styling with respect to the flowing lines of the metal and the British style stocking which is highly favoured in our shop.

The rifle is very well balanced, with minimally more weight up front, for off hand shooting. Color cased by Turnbull. Recknagel pivot mounts. Barrel 24" L.O.P 14 1/4 . 24 L.P.I checkering.

* This rifle was displayed in Toronto at the first ever African Hunting Gazette, SCI show and will be on display at the 2009 American Custom Gunmakers show, held at the Silver Legacy in Reno Jan 23 to Jan 25.

The Perez Mauser 98 rifle is an example of styling and class that typifies our bolt action rifles.

This particular rifle is a 7mm Rem Mag with a large heavy sporter barrel, which is the first one of a matching pair.

The second one will be a 375 H&H with the same heavy barrel contour, over all a well balanced rifle with Talley mounts.

Stock styling is British. LOP 14 ¼. 24 inch Krieger barrel, showing nice detail work on metal. All work Stockwork and metalwork by Ralf Martini. All screws; crossbolt, floorplate release engraved in a floral pattern. The quarter rib and front sight ramp are bordered and matted.

JOHNSON RIFLE; Built on an FN Mauser for African hunting and North American big game . 375 H&H . Classic lines all throughout. Metal work and stockwork by Ralf Martini

SANDERSON RIFLE;  Another classic Mauser, styled for African and N. A big game. Talley Q.D mounts and   an all integral half round, half octagon barrel. Caliber 375 H&H.

KEENAN RIFLE; This rifle is built on a Granite Mountain Arms action with a few touches. Recknagle QD pivot mounts, barelled and chambered in 300 H & H. The goal of this project was to build a classic slim elegant rifle with the relatively large GMA action for such a caliber. Turkish Walnut obtained from the very highend and copious inventory of  www. luxus Complete rifle by  Ralf Martini


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