Recently Completed Projects

Tayyabs Rifle a true Masterpiece
A 416 Rigby built on a FZH Magnum Mauser Action . This rifle has it all , upper and lower tang extensions and a Trap door grip cap.
Highly engraved by Silke Ullrich and a nice touch on the rear sight by Warren Smith.
Krieger barrel 24'' long with quarter rib and Express sights . Recknagel Pivot mounts with Swarovski scope.
The color casehardening by Joerg Schilling . Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut stock . Length of Pull is
14.5'' with a 1'' Ostrich leather covered recoil pad .
Pleasant to shoot and excellent accuracy .

The Cooney rifle . a 300 H&H single shot rifle , built on a medium Hagn action ,with a half round half octagon Stainless Krieger barrel 26'' long . The engraving is by Warren Smith and the action is silver/grey Nitrite hardened . Exhibition grade Turkish Wallnut stock , 14 1/2'' LOP with a .8'' leather covered Pad and Flat Top checkering 18 LPI.
The theme of this rifle was to build a gun which is beautiful and also highly corrosion resistant with the Stainless barrel and the Nitrite hardened finish .

The Walker rifle , in 375 H&H is a classic , no nonsense open sight stalking rifle ,with the idea of , less is more !
No Ebony for end , no cheek piece , just classic lines executed to perfection .
Build on a Mauser 98 Model 1935 Oberndorf action in mint condition .
The 24" long Krieger half round/half octagon barrel is definitely an upgrade . The stock is build on a dense piece of Turkish Walnut , 14 1/2" LOP with a .8" Decelerator Pad , wrap around checkering 20 LPI . Weight of the rifle is 8 1/2 Lbs. Swift/Blackburn bottom metal with the Martini Gunmakers Logo engraved on the floor plate . All engraving by Warren Smith . The in House Rust blued gives the rifle the finishing touch .
Scope mounts could be installed , even if if it would be somewhat a shame, to cover the Mauser Banner on top of the rear bridge .

The SITZ rifle , .375 H&H built on a GMA magnum Mauser action . Square bridges milled for Talley mounts . 23 inch Krieger barrel, Ivory bead flip up front sight , one standing two folding leaves. Utilizing A&A custom designed scope rings .Upgraded Turkish walnut stock . .800 Decelerator pad . 14 1/2 “ length of pull . 20 Lines per inch checkering.
Gold oval with monogram . Rifle weighs 8 1/2 lbs without scope.

Beach rifle ; Built on a FZH 98 action , Caliber 404 Jeffrey . 24 inch Krieger barrel . Square bridges set up for Recknagel pivot mounts . Upgraded Turkish walnut stock with flat top checkering. Length of pull 14 1/2 “ . Colorcased by Oskar Kob . Engraved by Warren Smith with floorplate done by SILKE .

Left handed 375 H&H , built on a GMA action, 24 “ Krieger barrel.
Double square bridges set up for Talley mounts, comes with S&B “Stratos “ 1.5 – 8 x 42 scope.
All metal rust blued. Engraved by Warren Smith.
Turkish walnut stock, checkered 20 LPI, .800 Decelerator pad, Length of pull 14 “, Weighs 10 1/4 lbs.

Coppala rifle; .223 Remington built on a Mini “Max” Hagn action. This beautiful and dainty little rifle weighs in at 5lbs, with rings. Overall length 39 3/4 “. Length of barrel 24 “. This rifle has a Lothar Walther barrel , Turkish Walnut stock and Engraved steel butt plate.

Marshall rifle , 404 Jeffrey , built on a FZH Magnum Mauser action . With integral scope bases machined in the square bridges . Wood upgrade . .800 Pachmayer decelerator recoil pad. 18 LPI checkering . 24 “ Krieger barrel , Recknagel pivot mounts with Swarovski Z6i scope. Engraved by Warren Smith , color cased by Oskar Kob .

Audino Rifle , 300 H&H built on medium Hagn action with a 26 “ Krieger barrel, half round ,half octagon . Sliding tang safety . Exhibition grade Turkish walnut , 18 LPI, LOP 13 5/8 “, leather covered recoil pad , Engraved by Silke Ulrich

WORK IN PROGRESS; A set of three matching bolt actions . Calibers 300,375, 400 H&H .

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