Singleshot Rifles

Johnson rifle ; 7x57 built on a Hagn action singleshot. Stocked for left hand . 25 " Krieger barrel , half round /half octagon , Turkish Walnut stock. LOP 14 1/4 " Flat top checkering 18 LPI . 6" Old English recoil pad .Talley mounts with a Swarovski Z3 3-9 x36 scope. Nice and ready little rifle .

Hooker rifle 280 Rem. Built on a small Hagn action , engraved by Silke Ullrich , nitate hardened silver/grey finish . Half round/half octagon barrel 25" long , with Talley mounts and Zeiss HD5 scope 2,5 -10 X 42 . Turkish walnut stock with wood upgrade , 14 1/8" LOP and .600" Pachmayer pad , flattop checkering 18LPI . A nice and handy deer rifle that weighs with scope only 7 1/4 lbs.

Hall rifle , Built on a medium HAGN action , Caliber .375 H&H ; Krieger half round/half octagon barrel , 26 “ long . Upgraded Turkish Walnut stock , 14 “ LOP , Checkering, flat top 18 LPI , .600 Leather covered recoil pad , Engraving by Silke Ullrich . Nitride hardened receiver . The theme of this rifle was to build a light weight stalking rifle , this one weighs 71/2 lbs .

Beach rifle ; 300 H&H built on a Med Hagn action .Half round ,half octagon barrel . 26 “ .Set up for Talley scope mounts .Turkish Walnut stock with wood upgrade .L.O.P 14 1/8 inch with a .800 leather covered recoil pad . 18 LPI flat top checkering . Barrel engraved by Warren Smith , Action engraved by Silke Ullrich Rifle Weighs 7 lbs.

THE TATE RIFLE ; 300 H&H built on a Med Hagn action , half round/half octagon barrel , 26 " .Barrel set up for Talley scope mounts . Weight 7 lbs . Turkish Walnut stock with wood upgrade . LOP 14 1/8 . .800 Pachmayer decelerator pad . 18 LPI checkering. Engraving on barrel ;Warren Smith . Action ; Ullric

Maguire rifle ,
300 H&H build on a medium Hagn action .
Krieger half round , half octagon barrel 26 " long .
with Talley mounts and Schmidt und Bender scope .
Exhibition grade dark Türkisch walnut stock 14 3/8" LOP.
Leather covered recoil pad . 18 LPI flat top checkering .
Engraving by Warren Smith , color case hardening by Oskar Kob

LUFTY singleshot ; Caliber 400-360 N.E , built on a medium Hagn action ,Krieger half round/ half octagon barrel, 26 “ . Talley scope mounts . Turkish walnut stock (steeper grip was required for customer )*Action lever bent to suit the pistol grip .Length of pull 14 1/2 “ . .800 leather covered recoil pad . Flat top checkering 18 LPI .Engraving by Warren Smith,color case by Oskar Kob .

Gannaway Singleshot ,caliber 375 N.E 2 1/4 “ flanged . Another singleshot built on a medium Hagn action . Krieger half round/half octagon barrel, 26 “ . Set up for Talley mounts .Turkish walnut stock 14 3/8 “ length of pull . with .800 leather covered recoil pad . Flat top checkering 18 LPI . Engraved by Warren Smith,color cased by Oskar Kob

Audino Rifle , Caliber 404 Jeffrey on an FN Mauser. This is a serious African stalking rifle at 8 1/4 lbs. Built on a FN 98 Mauser action. Barreled with a 24” Krieger barrel . Wisner Custom bottom metal holding 4 down in the mag box. Turkish walnut stock blank shows a perfect layout in terms of grain flow attaining maximum strength . Length of pull 14 ¼ “ to the recoil pad which at the time of writing this, still has to be leather covered. This rifle is stocked to be used as a open sight rifle which can be comfortably carried all day and still handles recoil very well for the 404 cal . 20 LPI checkering, rust blued. Engraved by Warren Smith on barrel and screws and the Martini Monogram on floor plate.

Wasserfall rifle ; Built on a small Hagn action , Caliber 30-06 , half round ,half octagon barrel 25 “,sliding tang safety , Talley mounts , engraved by Silke .

Mims rifle; This sweet little rifle is built on a Hagn “mini” action , barrelled in .223 Rem ,with a 24 “ round to Octagon barrel . Quarter rib with fixed scope mounts .The action is Nitride hardened and engraved by Warren Smith . Steel Butt plate also engraved. Length of pull 13 3/4 “ .Turkish walnut stock .Flat top checkering at 20 LPI .Overall length of this little gem 39” and weighs 4 1/2 lbs .

Jenkins 7 x 65R A beautiful light and well balanced rifle ,built on a small Hagn action with a lower tang extension .
25 “Krieger barrel ,half round ,half octagon . Extensive engraving by Warren Smith ,Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut ,flat top checkering 18 LPI . .6 Decelerator pad . 14 3/4 LOP Rifle weighs in at 6 1/4 lbs.

Meyer Rifle ; A Wilderness rifle in the caliber 300Win Mag,Nitrided receiver ,Stainless Krieger barrel.26 " . Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut ,LOP 14" Engraving by Warren Smith Weight 6 3/4 lbs

WEICHINGER 338RUM ; Built on a Medium Hagn action with our Large Magnum barrel contour . 26 “ in length . There is a through bolt made from 3/4 shafting to increase weight and keep the balance .The rifle has a tang safety and a wood upgrade using exhibition grade Turkish Walnut .LOP 14 1/8 “ . Engraved by Warren Smith and colorcased by Oskar Kob. The rifle intentionally weighs in just under 10 lbs to help tame the sharp recoil of the 338 RUM.

Ganske Rifle ; Very similar to the Southin Rifle . caliber 30-06 built around a small Hagn action .Weight 6 lbs .Krieger 25 “ ,Chrome Moly barrel , rust blued. Action engraved by Vancura and color cased by Oskar Kob .The wood used for this rifle is French Walnut and has an old fashioned oil finish . Set up for Talley mounts. Very nice rifle to carry.

SOUTHIN Rifle . Mountain rifle,built on a Hagn small action in caliber 30-06 . This is a light wilderness rifle, weighing 6 lbs. It is built to withstand the elements .Krieger stainless steel barrel, 25 inch in length.The action is completely nitride hardened,which gives very good surface hardness(70HRC) and is also highly corrosion resistant. The Turkish Walnut stock is finished with a special water proof finish ,inside and outside . This rifle will get the usual nicks and scratches while in use but it will still look ,feel and balance better than plastic or fiberglass stocks . Our standard spring loaded forend hanger system will equalize any possible swelling or shrinkage of wood on the forend . So there are no changes in accuracy or point of impact due to wet or humid conditions even though the stock is wood.

Mr .Lee rifle ; Cal .308 Blaser , Exhibition grade Turkish walnut .Rifle is built on a small Hagn action , Left hand stock , L.O.P 14 " Barrel 25 " Carrying a Zeiss Diavari M 2.5-10 x 42 ,Reticule 4 . German claw mounts. Flat top checkering 18 LPI . Extensive engraving ,done by Warren Smith .

Paul Rifle ; .223 Remington built on a Hagn Mini action .Barrel length 24 " round to octagon barrel , with fixed scope mounts . Upon customers requests Ralf replaced the original lever and trigger guard bow with a custom "low wall "lever and also modified the forend for the customer, with a Schnabel . All engraving beautifully executed as usual ,by Warren Smith . Rifle has engraved steel buttplate and customers engraved monogram in Silver oval . This exquisite little rifle is a one of a kind ,so far and weighs in at 5 lbs including scope and mounts.

The Hall rifle ; .223 Remington built on a Hagn mini action . Lothar Walther 24 “ long barrel ,with quarter rib and fixed scope mounts. Carrying a Leupold Vari X III ,2 – 8 x 36 .Exhibition grade Turkish walnut stock with steel engraved butt plate . Length of pull 13 5/5 “ . Flat top checkering 20 LPI . Engraved with fine scroll and flowers by Warren Smith . Colorcased by Oskar Kob . This is a very petite rifle which weighs only 5lbs, including the scope ! First range test resulted in 1/2 “ 3 shot group with factory ammo !!

KERRIE HALL RIFLE ; Caliber 6.5 x 55 with a Heym , 24 " round barrel . 1/4 rib for Talley mounts . Wood upgrade . Receiver has been engraved and silver nitride hardened . The length of pull is 13 5/8 . Rifle weighs 6 1/4 lbs . Rifle has a silver oval in the buttstsock with Kerrie's initials . Kerrie can be seen on our trophy page and has already taken many fine animals with one of our singleshots in 300 H&H .

HALL 300 H&H rifle , built on a small Hagn action with sliding tang safety . 26 “ Half round / half Octagon barrel . Turkish Walnut stock without cheek piece . Leather covered recoil pad . L.O.P 14 ¼ “ . Flat top checkering 18 L.P.I . Engraved by Warren Smith . Color cased by Turnbull . Weight 7lbs.

FERLACH rifle , Caliber 7mm Rem Mag , finished in the white . Built on a small Hagn action. Barrel is a half round / half octagon, integral sling swivel . Quarter rib has been left for scope mounting at a later date . Upgraded Turkish Walnut stock with 18 L.P.I flat top checkering . L.O.P 14 “ Weight is 7lbs.

BOYD RIFLE , Caliber 300 H&H , Basic Model ; with customer supplied wood . This rifle is the first to be engraved with our new Monogram (MG in script ) which stands for Martini Gunmakers . In the future this monogram will be engraved on the action of all rifles built in house .

RALFS RIFLE ; Caliber 300 WBY MAG , Built in the usual fashion , with half round half octagon barrel . Wood upgrade . The action has been gas carbonized and will be nitrided at a later time . The lettering has been done with pure silver wire inlay to match the eventual grey color of the nitriding . Engraving by Warren Smith . Rifle has sliding tang safety and Monogram engraved on top of receiver . Barrel length 26 " . LOP 14 1/4 " with .008 Decelerator pad . Scoped with a Swarovski , AV 3 - 10 x 42 . Total weight of rifle with mounts and scope 8 lbs . A pleasure to carry but recoil can be felt due to the WBY caliber . * Note * Ralf omitted the Ebony forend tip which is generally standard.

Ganske ,Cal 257 Wby , Customer wanted the action Nitrate hardened and the upgraded wood left uncheckered .

Lutfy Rifle, Built on the old Medium Hagn action, cal 450 – 400 N.E 3 “ . 26 “ length, heavy mag contour, half round, half octagon barrel, with Talley bases machined into quarter rib. A heavy, dense Turkish Walnut blank was selected, which brought the weight up to 8 ½ on the completed rifle. L.O.P 14 ¼ with a 1 “ Decelerator pad. Flat top checkering, 18 LPI. Engraving by Warren Smith. Color Case by Doug Turnbull.

EARL RIFLE; Caliber 300 WBY MAG ; This rifle was built to hunt under extreme weather conditions therefore the customer requested a 26 “ Stainless Steel Barrel . Action has been Nitride hardened to achieve a high level of corrosion resistance.

Bruvold rifle ; A 338 Winchester Magnum , the first rifle stocked in Bubinga wood as per customers request . The round barrel is 26 “ and has our new quarter rib and banded front sight ramp . All the hardware is soldered on the barrel . The quarter rib is set up for Talley rings . The new medium action is colorcase hardened as is the pistol grip cap . Flat top checkering 18 LPI , leather covered recoil pad , LOP 14 ½” . This rifle weighs a tad under 8 lbs without the scope .This rifle will be used in Northern BC and not a safe queen by our youngest ever client to order a singleshot !

Paschen Rifle ; Another 300 H&H on a small Hagn action , finished in the white . 26 “ half round /half Octagon barrel , integral sling swivel base , Lower tang extension , trap door grip cap , sliding tang safety . Integral rib is set up for Talley mounts . Stock is Exhibition grade Turkish Walnut with “English Red “ tone . Length of pull 14 ¼ , 24 LPI checkering . Leather covered recoil pad . At 7 lbs 4 oz this rifle lends itself as an elegant stalking rifle .

The Hall Rifle; A 6.5 x 55 on a small Hagn action, with a 26 ", full octagon barrel. Engraved by Warren Smith. Nitrate hardened finish. Flat top checkering, 18 L.P.I. No cheek piece. L.O.P 14 1/4" with a wood upgrade! This beautiful stalking rifle weighs in at 7lbs 3 ounces without scope.

THE CLARK RIFLE; built on a medium Hagn falling block action, Cal 300 H&H. This is a typical representative of our singleshot rifle. Colorcase hardened by Turnbull, engraving by Warren Smith. Barrel 26 " LOP 14 1/4, Flat top checkering 18 LPI. Weight 7 1/2 lbs. Turkish Walnut by Luxus.

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